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July 10 - 21, 2017

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July 10 - 28, 2017

Multicultural Arts Center (the MAC) - Summer Camp at the MAC begins July 10. Students can take one to three classes, take one or two weeks of classes, or take all three weeks of classes! Local artists will share their expertise with young aspiring artists. Students will showcase their work in an Art Reception theSaturday following each session. Lunch is available for purchase or included if student enrolls in all three classes. SCHOLARSHIPS are available! Please, call209-388-1090 or email for more information or to register.

Some of the classes are: Comic book art, drawing, clay, digital art, painting, and campfire stories!

The instructors are: Dennis Sweatt, Lisa Gilliland Viney, Sandee Holmes-Smith, Paul Longo, Dawn Trook, Chavella Dobbins, and Elisabeth Castro.

All you have to do is select a class from A, B, and/or C for any or all of the three sessions being offered.

If you have any questions, please email education director Kathy Hansen or call 209-388-1090.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Colton Dennis
Executive Director
Merced County Arts Council (MCAC) | Multicultural Arts Center (MAC)
209.388.1090 | 645 W. Main St., Merced, CA 95340 |

"The Arts Council's mission is to nurture and inspire the arts and artists in Merced County by creating a place of artistic discovery, community and dialogue."


Each month there will be a new activity or performance which will be appropriate for children of all ages. On May 13, Building Young Leaders Performing Arts will perform from 11 - 12 in the Arts Center. Their performance - "Treasures" - combines everything from hip-hop to ballet into an energetic and interactive performance that will entertain both children and adults.
For a complete schedule of the next four months of programs, visit the Arts Council's website, and sign up to receive their newsletter.

For the series, the hands-on art activities are designed to have children drop in and participate. The performances will usually run from 11 to about 11:45. All the performances and hands-on art activities are free thanks to a grant from the Merced County Office of Education and supporters of the Merced County Arts Council. Before or after the activities families are encouraged to visit the Art Galleries in the Arts Center.

In April and May, the exhibit in the Main Gallery is "Landmark: Yosemite Through the Lens of Contemporary Landscape Photography." The exhibit celebrates the centennial of the National Park Service and is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to the Mariposa Arts Council. Merced is the second stop for the exhibit after being shown in Yosemite National Park this past winter and before being shown in Mariposa and then San Francisco. The exhibit in the Second Floor Galleries features a wide variety of art in various media by talented high school students from throughout Merced County.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kathryn Hansen at 209-388-1090 or email at


July 10 - July 28 at the MAC
Save the date! We are beginning to plan our Summer Youth Arts Camp at the MAC. Local artists will come and impart their expertise to young aspiring artists. The dates and times for our Summer Camp sessions are:

The Summer Youth Arts Camp will run for three week-long (M-F) sessions:

Session 1: July 10 - July 14

10:00 - 11:50

12:30 - 2:20

2:30 - 4:20

Session 2: July 17 - July 21

10:00 - 11:50

12:30 - 2:20

2:30 - 4:20

Session 3: July 24 - July 28

10:00 - 11:50

12:30 - 2:20

2:30 - 4:20

As a finale for each week, we are planning a Youth Arts Show Reception everySaturday from 12:30-1:30 to showcase the student's art. The Art instructors will take 30 minutes at the end of each week to teach the art students how to 'artfully critique' their art, and choose pieces they would like to present in the arts show the following day.

Some art class ideas include (but not limited to): Print-Making, Portraits, Digital Graphic Design, Digital Story-telling, Song-Writing, Drumming, Watercolor Painting, Poetry, etc.

$75 per class or $225 per one-week session (includes lunch). Scholarships are available! 10% discount to MMAC members.

Please call (209) 388-1090 or email to be the first to know when we announce all the details of each class!



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Inspiring youth to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more, & BECOME more!




Detailed class info on our website: 722-7897

We hope you that the school year is off fantastic start! Things have been amazing here at BYL! Our Performing Arts Department is off to a great start and as the school year is in full swing now, we are offering our Academic Enrichment classes! These include: Magic Tree House Book Club, Liberty Girls Book Club, Sew It Goes, and our popular Lego Engineering Program.

Classes Enrolling Now!

Classes for Pre-Schoolers

Magic Tree House Book Club
This class explores the beloved book series by Mary Pope Osborne. The class explores a new book every month to join Jack and Annie as they travel historic times and fantastic places where they use research, riddles, codes and courage to solve problems, complete missions and help those in need. During each club meeting, students will join in a short, guided discussion of the book and explore the culture, peoples, art, and time periods discussed in the book through in-class adventures!

Coming Soon!


Liberty Girls Book Club
The classic American Girls book series follow girls throughout both historical contemporary settings. TheDuring each club meeting, students will join in a short, guided discussion of the book and explore the culture, peoples, art, and time periods discussed in the book through in-class adventures!


LEGO Engineering
We have Lego Engineering classes all the young aspiring engineers! These classes present LEGO activities & challenges that develop strong critical thinking skills and refine deductive reasoning skills. All while the boys and girls conduct experiments with specialized sets by LEGO. Students will conduct experiments with friction, speed, gravity, gears, pawl and ratchet, inertia, and More!!!


And Don't Forget About
Our brand new choir just for boys!


Rowdy Rascals
Don't forget about our BRAND NEW Boys Show Choir!!! We are so excited to announce our newest performing arts class: a show choir for active young boys! Your kiddo will learn to sing and perform while capturing the fun, rough and tumble adventures of being a boy!


Sew It Goes
Want to make your very own clothes and more?! Join our sewing class! Learn about hand-sewing, threading a needle, tying knots, cutting patterns, proper preparation, set up, and how the sewing machine works!! We will practice sewing straight lines, curved lines, zig-zags, back-stitches, single stitches, sewing curves, corners! And of course, through all of this they’ll learn how to sew safely!
Students will put all of their skills to use as they make (and bring home!) some super-awesome projects, including their very own pillow-case!


Rhythm and Dance
This class is a wonderful beginning level introduction to music and dance! Little boys & girls from ages 3-5 will be encouraged to develop their large and fine motor skills as they explore beginning Hip-Hop, World Dance, Ballroom, and Lyrical Ballet!

Singers Company

Did you know we have a choir devoted to just Pre-School age girls! And they are so precious!! But Singers Company is more than singing and dancing! It empowers girls to perform, gain confidence, and make friends!

Detailed class info on our website: 722-7897


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645 W.Main St., Merced

Beadventuress - 725-8318
809 W. Main St., Merced

Verna's Folk Art - 384-3330
2812 G St., Merced

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Contract Bridge Lesson

• George J. Loscalzo - 723-0345
• Duplicate Bridge Game - 723-0345
Regent House of Merced 3420 R Street

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• All Star Cheer - 357-4224
451 Belleue Rd., Atwater
• American Ballet Conservatory - 357-4224
451 Belleue Rd., Atwater
Artree - 388-1091
645 W.Main St., Merced
• Ballroom Dance Social - 385-6851
Merced Senior Community Center 755 W. 15th Street
• Carrillo's Shotokan Karate-Do - 827-0149
921 W. Pacheco Blvd., Los Banos
• Clogging Instruction By Althea - 384-2469
• Dancers' Studio, The - 357-3503
1197 Atwater Blvd., Atwater
• Denisa's School of Dance - 383-4806
2816 N. G St., Merced
• Merced Senior Community Center - 723-7469
(Square or Round Dancing)
755 W. 23rd St., Merced
• Merced Gymnastics Club - 384-0323
443 W. 18th St., Merced
• Modified Aerobics
Merced Senior Community Center
755 West 15th Street
Miss Noelle's Musikgarten - (209)761-5666
The Multicultural Arts Center
645 Main Street, Merced CA 95340
• Polynesian Dance Workshops
Easr Campus Educ. Center 1900 G Street
• Rainbow Cloggers - 384-2469
851 West 23rd Street
• Rosemarie Studios Dance & Piano - 826-4347

1402 S. Nevada, Los Banos"
South Pacific Dance Company - (209) 726-1925
2400 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Merced, CA 95340
• Westside School of Dance - 827-3837
1725 W. Pacheco Blvd., Los Banos
• You Can Dance Co. - 522-0895


• Dog Obedience - 385-6851
Applegate Park 26th & N Streets
• Evolution Kennels - 725-3415

Castle AFB, Atwater
• Feather Ranch Kennels - 826-1568
14220 W. Henry Miller Ave., Los Banos
• Firecracker K-9 - 358-5999
• Nelson Kennels - 826-1737
13680 S. Volta Rd., Los Banos
• Pacific Flyway Kennel - 826-0618
14999 S. Volta Rd., Los Banos
• Twer Bird Dog Kennels - 847-6338
13537 Orange Blossom Rd., Oakdale

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• Atwater Sports Academy - 357-4224
451 Bellevue Rd., Atwater
• Merced Gymnastics Center - 384-0323
443 W. 18th St., Merced
Polynesian Dance Workshops - 385-7426
1900 G Street (Cafeteria, East Campus Educ. Cntr)
• Tumble Time Gymnastics - 723-8309
140 Macready Dr, Suite A, Merced
• Westside Academy of Gymnastics - 826-1116
444 Santa Rita, Los Banos

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• Mountain View Stables - 559-665-7331
26360 Avenue 26, Chowchilla
• Willow Ranch - 394-8180
11933 W. Rose Ave., Atwater

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Martial Art

Atwater Shotokan Karate School - 358-4400
272 Broadway, Atwater
Brown Martial Arts Academy & Supply - 725-1821
2820 N. G St., Merced
Carrillo's Shotokan Karate-Do - 827-0149
921 W. Pacheco Blvd., Los Banos
Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
Golden Valley High School Wrestling Room
2121 E. Childs Ave.
Eastwind Martial Arts Academy - 723-1358
1635 G St., Merced
Hakeem's Tae Kwon Do - 385-7426
Merced High School 205 W. Olive Ave.
Karate For Kids - 826-3800
Moe's Sidekicks Taekwondo & Blackbelt Center
335 W Main Street, Merced
(209) 723-4522
Moore's Martial Arts Atwater
(209) 723-0051
2100 Academy Drive
Atwater, CA 95301
S K I Karate Dojo
- 384-3178
541 W. Main St., Merced
Williams Kenpo Karate - 827-1110
1450 S. Mercy Springs Rd., Los Banos

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Abarca Group - 827-3544
PO Box 2252, Los Banos
Artree - 388-1091
645 W.Main St., Merced
Bow Rehairing - Ken Keuning
Drum Lessons By Steve - 826-5924

1215 E. B St., Los Banos
Gottschalk Music - 725-0626
355 W Main Street, Merced
Harmony Valley Chorus / Women's Chorus
Contact Dorris at 383-4848 or Nancy at 722-0774
Ingrams Music - 383-4675
332 W Main Street, Merced
Jamal's DJ Workshop

East Campus Educ. Cntr. 1900 G Street
Mixmaster Recording - (209) 358-2464
1080 3rd Street, Atwater, CA 95301
Piano and vocal instructor - Monet Beardsley
3748 Chukar Ct. Merced, CA 95340
Piano Lessons - Linda Cone
Gottschalk Music Center
Piano Teacher - Lindsay Dickson
Seay's Music Studio - Janet Seay
Tubalady's Music Studio - 394-2036

311 E. Main St, Turlock, CA 95380
Contact: Lynn M. Valero
Tubalady's Music Studio - 394-2036
718 Celia Dr, Livingston, CA 95380
Contact: Lynn M. Valero

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• Alexander Street Montessori School - 383-1232
201 E Alexander Ave., Merced
• Jones Becky Swim School - 826-6335
1218 Arizona Ave., Los Banos
• Millennium Sports Club - 722-3988
350 E. Yosemite Ave., Merced
City of Merced Swim Lesson Program
Information: Recreation Office - 385-6978

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Tennis Instruction

  • Future Stars 2000 Merced Tennis Academy
    Classes held in four week sessions
    Tiny Tots - Ages 4-7
    Beginners - Ages 7-10
    Junior Excellence - Ages 10-17
    Private Lessons - All Ages
    Location: Merced High School Tennis Courts
    Instructor: Maurey Varney
    Call for Information: 385-7426
  • Millennium Sports Club - 722-3988
    Adult Beginner Clinic
    Tennis Lessons for Juniors (7 to 16)
    Tennis Lessons for Adults
    Group Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Call for information: 722-3988
    350 E. Yosemite Ave., Merced


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Track & Field

Junior Olympics Track & Field
Youth Events For Individuals With Disabilities
• Merced County Special Olympics
Information: 385-7426

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• Merced Senior Community Center - 385-8803
755 West 15th Street
Line Dancing, Pinochle, Bridge Club, Women's Crafts & Chat, Wood Carvers, Golden Notes, Tai Chi, Merced Writers Club, Senior Social Club
Call for available times and information - 385-6855
• Monthly Meetings
AARP Board Meeting
AARP General Meeting
Merced Senior Citizen's Inc.
Call for meeting schedules - 385-8803
• Sunday Senior Dances - 385-8803
Merced Senior Community Center
755 West 15th Street
• Senior Social Club
Call for activity schedule - 385-8803
• Merced Over 50's Club
Business Meeting - 723-6398 or 722-9175
Potluck - 723-6398 or 722-9175
• Merced County Area On Aging - 385-7550
851 West 23rd Street

Millennium Sports Club - 722-3988
PACE Exercise Program
Aqua Motion Water Exercise Program
350 E. Yosemite Ave., Merced

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